To Catch a Thief

Oh the elegance of the women in the 1950's is just too much. How I wish that we could still dress like them all the time in ball gowns and white and diamonds. One day when I can afford it that's all I will dress in. I just can't wait. If you haven't seen this movie To Catch a Thief its a movie from 1955 and it features Grace Kelly the princess of Monoco. It's just wonderful and watching her act is great, it makes her even more beautiful than just looking at her old black and white photos.

She was an American actress who then married the Prince of Monaco. My dream would be to be a Princess and it's crazy that she made it happen. She won a Golden Globe in 1958 and unfortunately passed away after a car accident before her 53rd birthday. I really just find her so graceful. I've been watching many movies from the 50's and I love their delicateness, they have this innocence and beauty and class that movies nowadays lack.

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