Vintage Traditions

I just got back from a wonderfully traditional christmas celebration. My dad's family... all of us in one place celebrating, giving out gifts, eating lots of delicious food. I sometimes forget how amazing traditions are. People change, circumstances change, times change but traditions always seem to bring people together. It brings me back, to the wonderful details of my childhood and the beautiful memories of the past. Why do things always look so much better when you look back at them?

Everytime I'm having a hard time I want to try and remember only the good things and know that in the future, looking back, I will remember all the beautiful things. Through all the family drama Christmas ended up being very charming. Traditions always seem to have a way of making things better.

Christmas in my life is spent with my fathers family, we pray and sing la novena (typical colombian tradition) have an amazing meal, and then at 12 give out all the presents. All together for about 2 hours... usually they are small things but it's the thought that counts and makes me smile. Thoughtfulness is just beautiful.

What else is beautiful are these editorials from Vogue, which are from the 1920's. I just had to include them because their beauty is timeless and priceless. Before advertisements and commercialism, the times when magazines only showed elegance, glamour and style without needing to over sell it. Now that's a tradition that should have stuck. Showing without selling...

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. What traditions do you have?

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Just Delightful

I haven't had time to blog with finals and my trip to New York. I'm finally free, turned in all the exams, papers, finals, work and now I'm going to enjoy the holidays. I'll be traveling to Colombia to visit the family tomorrow and I'm way too excited to go home. I'm wishing for a lot of things this christmas but my main wish is New York. I went for a work trip last week and it went amazing, loved my work, looked through fashion images, saw the editing studio, talked to the graphic designer for the book, and just met fabulous people.

I met the Dutch fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh, and they actually had heard of me... Lisa was like"Oh this is Laura, my intern from Paris" and they were like "Oh we've heard so much about you" jaja all of this while putting make up on a Dutch princess. It was all way too glamourous, a beautiful studio (Studio 59), lights, make up, clothes everything you'd imagine at a Fashion Photoshoot, and I was ecstatic to be part of it all. So as part of my holiday wishes I'm going to add a new goal: Meet new people. Next semester I want to come back open minded and meet new people, hear new opinions, and just enjoy myself.

In honor of my trip, my blog post today is about Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. They met in 1986 and have been working professionally since. They have shot various editorials for almost every fashion magazine, as well as celebrity portraits.

If you want to see more of their work:

As for this, this is an editorial from Vogue Paris August 2009, named ADN DE LA MODE. Each model represents a different designer. I thought it was just delightful. jaja I hope everyone enjoys their holidays. What is everyone else wishing for this Christmas?


Tommy Hilfiger

Fendi modeled by Raquel Zimmermann

Azzedine Alaia

Paul Smith


Nina Ricci

Michael Kors modeled by Daria Werbowy

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