To Catch a Thief

Oh the elegance of the women in the 1950's is just too much. How I wish that we could still dress like them all the time in ball gowns and white and diamonds. One day when I can afford it that's all I will dress in. I just can't wait. If you haven't seen this movie To Catch a Thief its a movie from 1955 and it features Grace Kelly the princess of Monoco. It's just wonderful and watching her act is great, it makes her even more beautiful than just looking at her old black and white photos.

She was an American actress who then married the Prince of Monaco. My dream would be to be a Princess and it's crazy that she made it happen. She won a Golden Globe in 1958 and unfortunately passed away after a car accident before her 53rd birthday. I really just find her so graceful. I've been watching many movies from the 50's and I love their delicateness, they have this innocence and beauty and class that movies nowadays lack.
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Judge a Book by its Cover

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Influential Women

These have been the editor of chiefs of Vogue:
Josephine Redding,1892-901
Marie Harrison ,1901-914
Edna Woolman Chase, 1914-951
Jessica Daves ,1952 -1963
Diana Vreeland,1963-1971
Grace Mirabella, 1971-1988
Anna Wintour, 1988-present

United Kingdom:

Elspeth Champcommunal,1916-1923
Dorothy Todd,1923-1926
Alison Settle,1926-1936
Elizabeth Penrose, 936-1940
Audrey Withers,1940-1961
Ailsa Garland, 1961-1965
Beatrix Miller,1965-1984
Alexandra Shulman,1992-present


Colombe Pringle,1987-1994
Joan Juliet Buck,1994-2001
Carine Roitfeld, 2001-present"

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I know it's a cliché, but you've got to be yourself.

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Changed my mind. Decided that Veruschka goes best with Franco Rubartelli. Not only did they have a love affair together but together they make beautiful pictures. Shows a very different side to Veruschka. She has to be one of the best, if not the best model of her time.

Apparently they would just go somewhere, random day and time and just hang out and come up with new photoshoots. Veruschka would do her own make up and own style. Imagine their passion if out of random nights pictures like these would come out. She loved working with him because he allowed her to be free and come up with ideas.

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Empress of Fashion

My biggest inspiration: Diana Vreeland. Through out my whole time here in Paris I've felt as if I met Diana Vreeland and she has been showing me the world how everyone should see it. It's like she always said "You have to give them what they never knew they wanted". I feel like she's become my new best friend and I'm being invited to her famous dinner parties in her red living room, "I want this room to look like a Garden, but a Garden in Hell". In these dinners I'm meeting any person worth knowing. Learning about the newest fashions, the most important photographers, models, and designers and just meeting the most wonderfully interesting people, Consuelo Crespi, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Grace Coddington, David Bailey, Veruschka, to name a few. I feel like i've been taken under her wing and learning about how to make myself the most wonderful me. Either way the six degrees of separation between me and everyone famous in the 1950's-1980's has diminished to 2 degrees.

She was born July 29, 1903 in Paris France. She worked for Harper's Bazaar, was the editor in chief of Vogue, and worked at the Metropolitan Museum in the Costume Institution. Basically she is one of the most influential people of the last decade. Either way I have to say that everyone should know who she is, start researching her and you'll start realizing how incredibly funny she is. Her sense of humor is what inspires me the most.

Why don't you?
-zip yourself into your evening dresses?
-waft a big bouquet about like a fairy wand?
-wear a bowler?
-stick japanese hair-pins in your hair?
-buy a transparent evening coat?
-or a geranium chiffon toque?
-or bright flannel gloves?
-or a black blouse?
-expose your fortune in an isinglass bag?
-hide your hips under an accordion pleated jacket?
-wear fruit hats? currants? cherries?
-or lift your blue wool mainboucher skirt to show a candy-striped petticoat?
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The best thing about London is Paris

Paris has brought me a new love. Fashion. I'm a student in Paris this semester and once again I've realized why I love this city so much. Along with my internship, this city just completely inspires me to open my eyes.

I've recently become inspired and my world has completely opened up. Seeing the world with the perspective of fashion in mind, I've started learning about the many influential and inspirational people in our past and present. This blog will consist of random pictures, quotes, and fun facts that I learn throughout my day, just a place to put my thoughts. Let me be more clear, I randomly in the most bizarre way became an intern and found myself doing a job that centers around fashion. Having to do research and learn about society people and fashion from the last decade I've started to realize the wonders of this whole thing. My sister has always been obsessed with this world, grabbing on to her new Vogue as if it were (for lack of a better metaphor) the bible and now I've started to understand. Everything around us has so much to do with it and fashion and magazines are so much more than a bunch of clothes. The work that goes into making Vogue for example involves so many talented photographers, models, stylists, etc. It's just been crazy finally making connections between everything. I sound like a confused mess right now I know, but I can't get my thoughts straight. All I know is that my new obsession is fashion and all things fashion. I'm going to try and add pictures that have captivated me in each blog. So here goes I had obviously seen her face before but now I'm just so entranced by every single editorial she does.

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian model who was discovered in a market selling fruits, or at least that's the legend. How wonderful, just doing your own thing and someone comes and completely turns your world around. I'll definitely be posting a lot on her. She is the most versatile model (next to Daria Werbowy of course) of my time, not to mention that she is completely breath-taking-ly beautiful. Oh! And, did I mention she has 3 kids and a perfect body? Enjoy these are editorials from Vogue UK.
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