Influential Women

These have been the editor of chiefs of Vogue:
Josephine Redding,1892-901
Marie Harrison ,1901-914
Edna Woolman Chase, 1914-951
Jessica Daves ,1952 -1963
Diana Vreeland,1963-1971
Grace Mirabella, 1971-1988
Anna Wintour, 1988-present

United Kingdom:

Elspeth Champcommunal,1916-1923
Dorothy Todd,1923-1926
Alison Settle,1926-1936
Elizabeth Penrose, 936-1940
Audrey Withers,1940-1961
Ailsa Garland, 1961-1965
Beatrix Miller,1965-1984
Alexandra Shulman,1992-present


Colombe Pringle,1987-1994
Joan Juliet Buck,1994-2001
Carine Roitfeld, 2001-present"

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