The best thing about London is Paris

Paris has brought me a new love. Fashion. I'm a student in Paris this semester and once again I've realized why I love this city so much. Along with my internship, this city just completely inspires me to open my eyes.

I've recently become inspired and my world has completely opened up. Seeing the world with the perspective of fashion in mind, I've started learning about the many influential and inspirational people in our past and present. This blog will consist of random pictures, quotes, and fun facts that I learn throughout my day, just a place to put my thoughts. Let me be more clear, I randomly in the most bizarre way became an intern and found myself doing a job that centers around fashion. Having to do research and learn about society people and fashion from the last decade I've started to realize the wonders of this whole thing. My sister has always been obsessed with this world, grabbing on to her new Vogue as if it were (for lack of a better metaphor) the bible and now I've started to understand. Everything around us has so much to do with it and fashion and magazines are so much more than a bunch of clothes. The work that goes into making Vogue for example involves so many talented photographers, models, stylists, etc. It's just been crazy finally making connections between everything. I sound like a confused mess right now I know, but I can't get my thoughts straight. All I know is that my new obsession is fashion and all things fashion. I'm going to try and add pictures that have captivated me in each blog. So here goes I had obviously seen her face before but now I'm just so entranced by every single editorial she does.

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian model who was discovered in a market selling fruits, or at least that's the legend. How wonderful, just doing your own thing and someone comes and completely turns your world around. I'll definitely be posting a lot on her. She is the most versatile model (next to Daria Werbowy of course) of my time, not to mention that she is completely breath-taking-ly beautiful. Oh! And, did I mention she has 3 kids and a perfect body? Enjoy these are editorials from Vogue UK.

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