Hibernating Winter

Hello World,

I've been hibernating... physically and emotionally I must say. The winter has been worse than ever, it's snowing, raining, and just so cold here in Boston that somehow I feel my best here at home. It might be a coping mechanism since I'm also hibernating emotionally. This is my last semester of college and also I'm trying to adjust to a post break up Boston. I'm freaking out about my future but very silently...between you and me nobody should know and I'm not worrying at all. But truthfully, I'm freaking out because if my plan doesn't work out I'll be very late and won't be able to apply to grad school and will be behind in the job application process. But fingers crossed and all the luck in the world I will hopefully graduate and move on to my perfect post-grad job.

I've been very busy.. starting classes, catching up with my roommate (who had been in Switzerland for 6 months and whom I missed so much), and just overall getting used to the idea that I'm single. I do love having time to do my things and guess what I've been working about 2 hours a day or more which is so great because more work means that they are giving me more projects and more responsibilities. I do love my free lance job.

As for fashion.. I've traded it in this past week to learn about history and mandarin instead. Of course I haven't lost my love for fashion editorials and I've been posting beautiful pictures up to my tumblr laulau43.tumblr.com but I promise to get more into my blog again (I'm gonna thank my friend for motivating me to keep things going when I forget jaja you should visit her site Alex Beadon. <3>

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Alexandra said...

hellooooo im so happy you blogged! and i didn't know you had a tumblr. so i will follow you there. yay :)
SPRING IS ON ITS WAY :D so don't get used to hibernation!

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