Fun-Tastic Beautiful

I woke up today, showered got ready for class and right before I left I got an emailed from my teacher saying that she was canceling classes for today because of the snow (SNOW DAY!). Since everyone else still has work and classes I ended up having a lot of time to myself and since I was already ready to work I did everything I've been procrastinating on for a long time. Now I have zero work or homework for the weekend. And this has left me feeling energized and excited.
Instead of feeling blue and snowed in I'm feeling like I need to go out and celebrate life jaja that sounds so cheesy but o well. So for this weekend I'm going to just enjoy myself and have so much fun!

This is a fashion editorial from Vogue that represents my funtastic feeling for the world today. Plus I wanted to show it to you guys since it's an amazingly creative shoot. Hope everyone has a wonderfully amazing day. <3>

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Alex said...

*sigh* so much beauty in one place. Thanks for the inspiration and visual break from editing my photos :)

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