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I just finished my work for the weekend, I did a history research project for about 3 hours today. Pretty draining but I learned some new facts. Fashion reflects history in such a unique way. With World War II in 1941 clothes started being rationed. You were only allowed to buy a certain amount of clothes so that it was fair, so that everyone could get an equal share of clothes. This caused fashion to turn to a new era the era of Uniforms and Patriotic Looks. Uniforms were seen at all civilian social occasions from cinemas, weddings, restaurants to gala events. Instead of buying clothes people started recycling textiles, pillowcases would be turned into white shorts for summer for example and skirts were made from men's old pants or shorts. Knitting came into style because it was "easy to do", "make it yourself" clothing.

After the war you can just imagine the creativity people had and how much fashion changed. Every fashion trend reflects the time period people were living through. Pictures and fashion can always tell you so much about the history or the time period.

Not related at all to what my project or history, I stumbled upon this Vogue UK Fashion editorial and I just thought it was amazing. It is really original and shows how our lives are right now. Airports and the waiting that comes with it has become routine in many of our lives. To turn something that everyone hates into such beautiful pictures made me choose it for my blog entry. I want a vacation jaja and I wish I could look like that when I'm sleeping in the airport chairs. Traveling in Style!

I hope everyone has a great week. I'm off to learn how to type in mandarin (I have my first quiz tomorrow)!!

Vogue UK
Model: Julija Step
Photograher: Raymond Meier
Styled by: Charlotte Pilcher

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alex said...

I never thought about fashion in that way, but it's actually very interesting. did you hear about vivian maier? A photographer whose work has just been discovered, her images let us see into the past with new eyes,really interesting to see the fashion through those photos too. Anyways I love these images. Beyond cool. I think everyone knows that feeling of waiting at the airport, exhausted.

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