Vogue is my History book

I got a present today when I stumbled upon a website that had old Vogue Covers. Each cover not only is picture perfect, but describes a moment in history. I know some people don't really believe in fashion being important, but to me Vogue has become like a history book. Ever since it started Vogue has shown pieces of history, how people dressed, acted, socialized, talked, etc. I love being able to look at the covers and imagine how these women lived out their days. I feel like they lived their days full of glamour and allure.

Ahh why don't we wear gowns every day? These women used to put so much thought into their wardrobes and accessories and looked so elegant no matter what they were doing. I think that's something our generation lacks... elegance. Everyday elegance. I'm not talking about wearing long dresses to parties at night, but just overall elegance. I feel like they spoke, walked, and did everything elegantly, even the act of being lazy probably jaja... I'm going to try and be really elegant from now on. For example one idea is that I want to stop using cuss words in my vocabulary, that is a must! So remember: Confidence and Elegance is something Vogue has always taught us.

Here are some of the covers.. notice how through the years everything changes.... clothes, make up, girls, body types, and even technology (first the covers were drawn by artists until photography started appearing) It really is a history book, it allows you to see a window into the past with amazing pictures and gorgeous style tips. What else could we want... history just became a little more fun.




1964... also let's start wearing more hats again

Lauren Hutton!!

1974... oh the make up so FIERCE!! I love the red lips.

1989 (The year I was Born!!) also notice that advertisements were less prevalent before.



Soon with Anna Wintour, we started to see celebrities instead of supermodels on the covers.

Angelina Jolie 2010 December Issue

What has changed: Technology (Photographs, Photoshop, no more gorgeous drawings... yet beautiful photography!!), Advertisements all over, Celebrities on the Covers, and of course the different make up and clothes (def more skin showing...)

This picture I'll dedicate to Samar since she showed the magazine to me last night. Can't wait to buy and read my own copy.

So when you can pick up a Vogue and SAVE IT... it's history and years to come you'll be able to cherish it just as much and laugh at all the fashion trends.
P.S I'm thinking that if I go into the Fashion Industry ... I rather go into Fashion History. Don't know how that works but somehow as much as I love the new things, the old things captivate me so much more.

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Alex said...

Love it. Love you. It's actually fascinating how it's all changed. Especially how they've started putting celebrities instead of models. I never realised or even thought of that. Confidence and elegance. Confidence and elegance. Confidence and elegance. Maybe if I keep repeating myself I'll somehow become confident and elegant :). I'll get there, I have faith :).

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