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I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night, it's crazy how much Emma Watson has grown up right in front of our eyes. She's grown up to be this beautiful woman and has been in various magazines this year. Recently she has a new hairstyle, a very bold one I must say.. I envy her for her courage, not everyone can have the confidence to chop off all their hair. I think that I have to start working on my confidence, in every aspect... in my work, my future, and especially in myself. Confidence.. that'll be my goal for this week.

This picture is from Maire Claire Dec 2010.

I just love the color palette for this picture.

And here's a little blast from the past ... how we first met the beautiful Emma Watson: Hermione Granger. We all grew up with these movies and its for that reason that Emma has become a style icon these past couple years. She's also in college and living a life like all the rest of us. Oh... if only I could look that graceful during finals week jaja

Another Blast from the past and the reason for this blog entry was that the picture from Marie Claire reminded me of another very famous model of the 1960's. Twiggy. She's an English model that began her career at 16. She revolutionized fashion, bringing around the very skinny models that we started seeing in the 60's. She was also known for her large eyes and eyelashes. I don't know about Emma Watson or anyone else but Twiggy will always be one of the major style icons no matter what year we're in.

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Alex said...

Once you have confidence you've won half the battle. If you believe in yourself everyone else will, too, I've come to realise. Maybe confidence will be my goal for this week too :). And Emma Watson is GORGEOUS! I saw her in Marie Claire and she's just so stunning. As is Twiggy. Lovely.

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